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Amber Gregg - 
Owner and  Photographer     >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Hi all!  Let me welcome you to Simply Portrayed.  Photography has been a growing passion of mine, from childhood to raising my own.  While I enjoyed it for many years as a hobby, it has been a pleasure developing a brand over the past seven years to help serve families, couples and students in the Metro Detroit Area capture affordable, yet classic moments in time.

I love snapping shots that make the heart smile.  The unplanned snuggle, the unexpected laugh, and that oh-so shy peek of children behind their parents legs.  You get the idea. My hope is that my clients walk away from their session with captured moments and memories, filled with personality, and not just simple portraits for their walls.  I want you to look at your photos and simply smile...and occasionally laugh out loud.

From teenage angst to infant cries, I have many years of experience working with children (and adults) of all ages and I am so glad to be able to continue working with children and their families through photography.  Currently, I specialize in newborn and family photography, couples, maternity and high school senior sessions.  I will consider small, private events less than 2 hours in length with a natural light source.  Not sure if your event qualifies?  Shoot me a message! 

Thank you for stopping by!